"Dumb Buggy" is Equal Parts Stupid and Awesome, But Totally Cheap

vw dune buggy for salevw dune buggy for sale

No one ever puts anyone in the back seat of a baja bug, but one does need to carry gear when going to the desert. Solution? Put a flat bed on that puppy! While we’re at it, let’s replace the typical bug sheetmetal with lightweight aluminum panels. Simplify, add lightness for the win? Maybe not…but we’ve seen worse.

vw dune buggy for salevw dune buggy for sale

This, um…very custom Bug also sports suicide doors and what we really hope is a functional convertible top. The engine’s out of it right now, which really just leaves an opportunity to swap in something more fun. The good news is, the seller’s asking a mere $650.

What say you?

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