Dropping the H-Bomb on the World of Vintage Racing

Remember the H-Bomb, that manic Mercury outboard powered special, on BAT a while back? Well, my buddy’s uncle snapped a few pics of the minuscule racer at Pacific Raceways, being shown off by the proud new owner, and I thought I’d share them with you. <i>It's so tiny!</i> In case you can’t remember or were too lazy to click through to BAT, this special weighs just over 500 lbs wet, and its 750cc two-stroke Mercury outboard make a healthy 65 hp, which was enough back in the day to make it dominate the H-mod class. At one 1964 race at Riverside, according to an article in Sports Car Graphic magazine from that year, it finished a minute and 8 seconds ahead of the closest class competitor, an otherwise competitive BMW 700. The H-Bomb was the brainchild of a couple of college kids in Oregon, who built a light birdcage type frame and stuffed the aforementioned Mercury out back. Note the chain drive to the rear wheels. This car will be at the SOVREN races on May 15 and 16th, and barring a natural disaster of unprecedented magnitude, I’ll be there with my DSLR snapping away, so look for some photos of the H-Bomb and many others running in anger in about a month! Thanks to Tim and his uncle for the photos and background!

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