Don't Tell Your Wife: Transgasket Diff Replacement Edition

Epic facepalm … GO!
Here’s the sitrep – you blew $1200 on some combination of unhusbandly and morally problematic things (“this 8-ball will last us all weekend!”), and as you sober up the harsh reality stabs you in the eye like that beam of light from your seedy motel’s venetian blind – your wife is going to KILL you. Better explain that missing $1200 bucks quick. Brilliant plan: put up a craigslist ad and solicit a fake invoice from a disreputable repair shop. What could possibly go wrong? Herpes is already forever, dude. (NSFW language after the jump.) Original ad: ATTENTION: anyone who owns an auto repair shop i need a fake invoice printed up for a bunch of car work so i can explain to my wife where our $1200 went. if you can print out an invoice with a bunch of repair stuff that would cost around that, please contact me ASAP. -Dave
…wait a minute what the fuck is this shit
Unfortunately for this schlub, Dave, he happened to run smack into that powerhouse of interwebs humiliation, “Mike” from – aka Emails from an Asshole. I’m not sure why Dave felt like his wife would know a biaxle manifold from a turbo encapsulator, but this clearly isn’t going to cut it for suspicious auto-savvy wifey. Catch the whole exchange at the site … come for the transgasket differentials, stay for the witty banter! (Remember, the link goes to some pretty NSFW language – unless you work at Partlow Motors, that is.) And remember, dear Hoons, that 8-ball never lasts all weekend, no amount of praying is going to bring that dead hooker back to life, and soliciting fake invoices to deceive your wife is definitely not going to work if you’re as stupid as Dave.

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