Devilleamino – Because those Hearse Kids Need their Lunch Money Stolen

Cadillac Flower Car truck for sale on autotrader classicsCadillac Flower Car truck for sale on autotrader classics

Frequently ‘amino-ed cars come with a story along the lines of “Cletus bet me I couldn’t…”, but this one’s pretty straightforward. It’s a 1962 Cadillac-based flower car…basically a hearse-amino. The body’s rough and the interior’s shot, but it looks like it’s all there, mechanically speaking. Apparently flower cars are super-rare, so the $3,950 asking price could be an easy price of entry for someone willing to take on a big project with a big reward. That, or you get the bench re-done in TJ, run some straight pipes and call it a day. Either way, check it out at AutoTrader Classics. Thanks to Matt for the tip!

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