Curb Your Enthusiasm – Volvo 244 "Jubilee"

Volvo’s an old company. They’ve been churning out cars since 1927, with the bulk of their output consisting of dependable family saloons and wagons. There have been the odd oddity with a foray to sportiness and quirkiness (P1800, 480ES, T-5R to name a few) and even the 242 got a GT version, but mostly the general idea has been to keep the noise down.

Volvo also celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1977. This meant they had to show it off in various ways, and it’s a good idea to make a few special edition cars. However, doing a little research, I found the actual special edition 50th anniversary Jubilee cars were silver with a little gold in there in the form of a stripe; this 1977 244 L seems to be cream white with nothing outstanding. Either the badge has come off something else, or the Finnish importer has decided to roll out a few reasonably jubilant cars of their own.

Still, the Volvo’s clean and good-looking. Check it out.

I think the round headlights suit the 240-series far better than the brick units. There’s a lightness to the front and it sort of breathes better, visually. They look like they’re a humorous touch in an otherwise sober front treatment.

That bumper’s made for bumping and that’s just what it’ll do. One of these days that bumper’s gonna bump all over you?

Dem wheels. There’s a touch of bronze respraying there, which makes the original Volvo wheels stand out a bit more. The cheap rubber could do with replacing, as those shoulders are going to be worn out soonish. Perhaps an alignment could be in order.

The 244 isn’t as clean as the well-received sunshine yellow 142 from a couple weeks ago, but it isn’t as slammed either. Still, the rust that is there can be contained with reasonable effort. There’s some rear quarter rust in where the rocks have hit the metal behind the rear wheel, and I’d tap it from the inside as well just to be certain. The passenger front door’s also bubbling from the leading edge, but it doesn’t look too terrible yet.

With the streets full of relatively boring ’90s-’00s Volvos, every ’70s-’80s Volvo in reasonable condition is sure to stand out, jubilant or not. Especially in this colour, the four-door fordon looks unspoiled by anything unnecessary.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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