Cuda Twofer Impresses Upon Us The Need For a Larger Driveway

1966 Plymouth Barracuda1966 Plymouth Barracuda It’s a good thing the Mad_Science Laboratory is located in a relatively dense section of LA’s original suburbs. Aside from the preferable aesthetics of a nearly 100 year old house, our neighborhood is dense enough to limit driveway capacity to a “just right” 5 vehicles. Were we to move out to the exurbs, might be blessed/cursed with the ability to pick up cars every time a good deal came along, leading to a massive car collection/salvage yard/auto dealership. Case in point: Cuda Twofer! This pair’s been showing up in our saved ebay search for a few months now, as apparently a pair of project Plymouths tends to elicit the click reflex from people with no intention of buying. We sympathize, but out of courtesy, one needs to figure out how they’ll get their prizes home prior to committing to buy. We suggest towing the roller with the runner. $2750 at eBay Motors

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