Craigslist: Starstruck Geo Metro convertible


What you’re looking at is surely one of the best-maintained Geo Metros of all time and it’s for sale on CraigsList for $4,500.  Speed will be of no concern to the prospective buyer as power comes from the tiny 1.0-liter three-cylinder motor mated to an automatic transmission, which will also sap some of the Metro’s trademark fuel efficiency. But this is a car about style (of some sort) and certainly it holds appeal (to someone). Follow the jump for more, including scads of pictures.

[Source: Muskegon CraigsList]


The seller claims very little use of the car, which is primarily for display at the odd local car show:

 “1991 geo metro convertible show car – $4500 (muskegom)

“i have a geo metro 91 1.0 l auto trans convertible show car. that i’m thinking of selling don’t use it onough to keep it. so if your in to market for a real nice car drop me a note. not very likely i will take less but may trade for a good BMW or Pontiac sunfire saab or whatever convertible must be a convertible and in good shape. this is a 2 seat car period no back seat. we have had the car for 8 years and prior to that it was down south and has not seen much if any winters. but because it is 23 years old it has some rust that i have stopped from going further. not much and you can’t see it anywhere outside. it is on a lift now if you need to see for yourself.

“this is what i have done to this car. rebuilt engine with about 50 miles on it very low mileage transmission in it. new wheels new brakes, rotors master cylinder, shocks/struts made the cv joints stop leaking, new wheel bearings, muffler, resonator, carpet, seats are good but mad custom covers to match the body. very customized car inside and outside. just about everything is new or reconditioned. car was made in ohio years ago by a guy for his daughter she sold it to me a few years later. i rebuilt the engine and put in a low miles transmission. the car sees about 100 miles a year if were lucky. goes to local car shows this year 2 shows 2 miles down the road. car has not been smoked in ever. the original owner did not smoke the girl did not smoke and we don’t smoke. it probable gets 35 mpg most automatic geos did but we never drove it far enough to find out for sure. miles are not listed accurate because i don’t remember but having new everything miles are unless but for the body.

“look at the pictures and ask any questions. we don’t use the car but want another convertible.”


Words do little justice to an interior that features custom stitching on the door cards, the same custom stitching on seat covers, and a solar-flare orange center console.


The juxtaposition between the sparkling orange, the aftermarket stereo, and the Metro’s minimalist climate controls sum up the statement this convertible makes. I remain perplexed over what that statement may be, but certainly this says it all.


The rear features an oversized spoiler above and a wide-tip exhaust below.


Whatever else you can say about the car, it looks clean down to the rebuilt Suzuki G10 engine. Then again, the photos are nearly nine years old, so one must wonder how the car has aged even with only a few dozen miles on it annually.


This car’s been around on the Internet since at least 2004 when it first appeared on Car Domain. The poster at the time hoped to put a turbocharged 1.3-liter engine and a manual transmission in the car, neither of which appear to have happened.


But hey, Hooniverse is nothing if not a place for the odd. If the condition is even close to what’s shown in the nearly-a-decade-old photos, this is likely the world’s least-worst Metro convertible.

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