CraigsList: Mad Max "Pursuit Special" "Clone"

I was convinced that this was the real thing, but I was fooled. Anyone would be as the details are most exquisite. Oh, who am I kidding, the guy can’t even get the name of the car right. The seller says that this is the “Interceptor” clone, but we all know that he mean to say that it’s a Pursuit Special clone, driven by the MFP. Let’s take a closer look…

[Source: Tuscon Craigslist]

The ad:

’72 Maverick- MAD MAX Interceptor Clone. Has fuel-injected 302 and AOD Transmission from ’84 cougar, with posi-traction rear end. Has been run several times at SIR drag strip. Has not been started in 6 years. Had an electrical issue when parked. Extra wiring harnesses in the trunk. No title, but one can be obtained. Lost interest and want to sell. $2,000 as is. Call Mike…

Ah yea, the good old “it ran when parked”. Is there even a belt on that “supercharger”? Due to bad lighting we’re not sure what else is going in the front of this car… which may be a good thing. 

Dude, at least rattle can the wheels black. And what is that crap over the top of the rear the window? Looks like some kind of acid spilled on it. 

It’s a project car. It can be yours for $2000. Add some elbow grease, another $2000 to make it look and run right, and you have a fantastic $500 car.

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