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At some point everyone of us was thinking of our own perfect little sports car. Call it a daydream as that’s as far most of us were willing to take it. Modifications, kit cars, wild engine swaps, sure those are all cool but in the end you’re limited to  something. 

This guy took it one step further however. He designed, drawn up, and actually build his own sports car. Now several hundreds of labor hours and who knows how much money later he is letting it go. It’s sad in a way as he has come so far, and yet those final few steps seem to be the hardest. 

[Source: Boston Craigslist]

From the ad:

I simply can’t do this any more. I need to hand it off to someone who will:

“CroMag”, a one-of-a-kind, high-performance 2-seat all-original-design sports car. Frame is 2×2 square steel tubing welded, with smaller elements for body support. All body parts are fiberglass with integral steel welded infrastructure, painted in acrylic red with clearcoat. Full CAD documentation on all basic parts. 16″ Hockenheim R wheels and BFG tires, hi-intensity headlights, aluminum racing seats with nylon covers, integral rollbars, etc. 1988 Mustang 5.0 stock engine with computer and 5-speed manual trans, new clutch, stock rear (out of auto, 2.73:1), new but stock Mustang brake parts. 96″ wheelbase. 3-Piece windshield (like a fighter jet) all DOT glass.

The car comes apart with a few socket-head cap screws (1/2″) into these subassemblies: (1) The basic drive-able car and chassis, (2) front body; hinges at front and flips 90 degrees up for complete engine-room access, (3) rear body (flips up to access a generous trunk) and (4) t-top gullwing roof assembly.

On the driving chassis, the entire windsheild/firewall/doors/dash assembly is removable as a unit. The entire roof assembly is removable so the car can be driven as an open roadster.

This car is for a serious enthusiast who has experience modifying and building cars. I know now I’m not going to finish the car so I’d like to hand it over to someone who would like to do this. I will remain a consultant for the project, no fees, just happy if someone can take my work and enjoy it after putting their own into it. Lots of detail work to be done but the car drives and it’s a fully-functional automobile. I have all receipts, photo and CAD documentation. You’ll need to get a VIN from the state (simple procedure) and inspection. It has cats and mufflers, will fit 1988 spec for inspection. Please, no tourists who would like to see the engine, sit in the seat and make motor-noises and so forth. This is a work in progress for an experienced enthusiast or someone more serious than this.

You might want to start a kit-car company around this car, one of the thoughts I’ve had myself. $4.5k is firm, what I have in it for materials; do the math, probably $100k in sweat-equity in it. Time to walk away for me. Bon appetit to the right person. Cliff

Yea, it looks a little funny, a little home made, it has personality as they say, but it’s like nothing else on the road. It’s a shame that he decided to part with it, but I fully understand where he is coming from. In terms of project management this maybe a good time for some fresh blood, for someone new and motivated to take it over. The price… $4500… one way to look at it is that it’s a lot of money for someone else’s unfinished project. Another way to think is to count how much it would take to get to this point with a new project.

Being that this guy is relatively close to me, I’ll shoot him an email and ask if I could check it out. It could be a good nominee for Hooniverse Car of the Year.

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