Craigslist Find: International No-Brainer Edition

It begs for a hi-top camper, doesn't it?

Eureka! That’s what you’ll be saying about this idiot-proof steal, because that’s where you’re going in order to rescue this leviathan from certain doom…

Behold the majestic pea-soup exterior, and baby-stool gauge surrounds.    The perfectly square greenhouse atop that huge fuselage with an open bed – why, it’s almost more Binder-mino than Wagonmaster!   And pay no attention to the grainy rat’s nest… the seller invested all of two sentences in his listing, one of which says “it runs and drives fine just needs rust repairs.”   Eureka!

The other one more ominously states “scraping (sic) in 2 weeks it will be for sale until Friday then its a goner“.  Ulp – you hear that?   That’s your conscience saying “To arms… to arms!!” $600 is but a pittance – for less than 2 dollars a day you could feed a starving Binder and be smack into easy LeMons Legend territory!
Surely, someone out there reading also lives close to this… that someone better not let us down… so check out the Craigslist ad and start planning your weekend!

(Hat tip to Reveille courtesy of Fej)

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35 responses to “Craigslist Find: International No-Brainer Edition”

  1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

    I want this bad. It is very fortunate that it is way too far away to ever become mine, because I would buy it in a minute.

  2. ptschett Avatar

    If only IH (and AMC with the Eagle, for that matter) hadn't been so far ahead of their time…

    1. jjd241 Avatar

      Strap one of these on and head for the hills!

  3. Alff Avatar

    Man, I had completely forgotten about these. As a kid, I thought they were butt ugly. They still are but in a totally awesome way. I would gladly trade my modern crew cab for this incredible blast from the past.

  4. DeadinSideInc Avatar

    I had no clue this variant of the Travelall existed. Badassical and only a 2 year production run.

  5. Eggwich Avatar

    What year is it?
    I mean I know it's 2010, but in which year was this awesomeness built?

    1. coupeZ600 Avatar

      The Travelette debuted in '57, but I don't think they started calling them "Wagonmasters" until about 1968. I could be completely wrong about this though, because though I've driven 'Binders off and on my whole life, I know very little about their light-truck line.

    2. coupeZ600 Avatar

      Check this one out, and I thought I'd seen every goofy IH configuration there was…..

      1. njhoon Avatar

        That is cool as heck. I love these old odd trucks.

  6. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    I'm convinced that all later Internationals are essentially the same colour. Hopefully this one stays that way – and stays on the road.

    1. ptschett Avatar

      We had a "red" (=faded to orange, as long as I've been around) 1110, and these two in unusual shades for a pickup:
      <img src="; border="0" alt="International Harvester,old trucks,old cars" >

  7. Feds_II Avatar

    Dear sweet baby Jesus. This is totally going to get me divorced. I have been seriously considering a sport trac. Sensible, inexpensive, open bed. Then the Centurion comes up on my radar. I finally convince myself that it is too big for a DD, and now you show me that this thing exists!
    Thank God it is on the other side of the continent, because at $600, I don't think I could resist.

  8. njhoon Avatar

    I had no idea that these existed. If it were on the east coast, it would be mine. Good lordy this thing is cool……Someone save it!

  9. Ambersand Avatar

    Hella cool and I need a new tow truck – dangit for being an East Coaster. I mean, I really don't mind road trips, even the "fly out, drive back" kind … but this is beyond me. *sigh*

  10. engineerd Avatar

    I want a truck. I miss my old F-150. I don't think Mrs. engineerd could complain much if a truck was only $600. Too bad it's so far away!

    1. Goingincirclez Avatar

      I'm in the same truck (erg, pun), buddy! For $600 it wouldn't matter if it'd really be used only occasionally for starters. But here I am, well, here… and there it is.

  11. P161911 Avatar

    Any idea on shipping to the est coast? $600 is probably not too far off the scrap value on this beast. I think it has been at least 7 years since I have seen a IH other than a Scout in these parts. My refund for overpayment of taxes should be coming in any day now.

  12. muthalovin Avatar

    Boss! Excellent price, too bad about being half the country away.
    I gotta say, I am a fan of this color. Harvest Green, perhaps?

  13. BrianTheHoon Avatar

    Holy hell I want this bad. This would mean a flight and a 13+ hour drive back to SD. Hmmm, I wonder if he'd keep it til Saturday?

  14. Goingincirclez Avatar

    Words fail to describe the irrational love I have for this truck. The whole design seems like an afterthought – has anyone ever seen a crew-cab that ends so preciptiously square at a short-bed? And yet: it has a white roof! For all it's function-over-form aesthetics, they gave it a white roof. Probably means there's no A/C in this guy, but does that even matter? No, no it does not.

    1. Eggwich Avatar

      I'm going to ask my instructor at auto mechanic night school if I could store this in the shop as a project, as I have no place to put it, but I want it. It's about 4.5 hours from me, I'll push it home if I have to.

  15. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    At the risk of revealing my ignorance to one and all, what is "Binder", and what is the origin of the term…?

    1. Goingincirclez Avatar

      It's a term of affection applied to Internationals by their enthusiasts (as "Bimmer" is to BMW). Supposedly has it origins in ironic reference to IH farm implements such as hay balers and the like.
      No need to feel ignorant; I worked a year for International (Navistar's DT466E plant) and it wasn't until a couple years later that I first heard the term,

    2. soo΄pәr-bādd75 Avatar

      Because Wikipedia always knows how to put it better than I ever could have;
      Binder common name given to the autos and trucks made by International Harvester before 1980. The name was due to the close association with farmers and farm equipment (often the trucks were used with IHC reaper-binders); also called a corn-binder in derogation of the same.
      My uncle built IH cotton pickers at the Memphis plant until they shut the plant down in 1983. He also drove IH vehicles until then. He's been a Ford man ever since.

  16. P161911 Avatar

    Granted it is a little older, bu this is what we end up with here in GA. 10X the price, half the truck.….

    1. Mike_the_Dog Avatar

      I want some of what he's smoking. That's an awesome truck. For $300.

  17. Buickboy92 Avatar

    Some one should really save this Truck!!!!! I wish I could!

    1. microbuss Avatar

      me too I agree NEVER junk out classics Even if it is these IHers

  18. Terry Avatar

    I feel fortunate that I found this post. I am the type of person that is inspired by others. Whether it be related to my business or home . This blog is interesting and your posts inspire me to be far more productive than I have been.

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  20. John Avatar

    i found one just like it only 3/4 ton 4X4 in salt lake city, UT the guy want $750 I believe with only 56,000 original miles (if I recall correcly) and there was another one but brown (3/4 ton 4X4 aswell) on portland cragslist not to long ago

  21. Dbinder Avatar

    I have a 72 flatbed that needs a new motor. Does anyone know what motor will work in that thing. Where can I get one??

    1. dbinder Avatar

      to add to the previous post I have a International 150 pickup automatic 4×4

  22. Tawana Zwagerman Avatar

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  23. Rahul Gandhi Avatar

    haha the one who is posting the comments