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There is something interesting about an old high-desert lot full of cars.  The rust, even on the oldest and most susceptible tin, is often only surface deep, and the cars can sit unperturbed for decades before the owner, or more likely his wife, gets tired of looking at them.  If they sit around for long enough, they can often be had for pennies on the dollar, and make for excellent restoration or driver quality projects.  This particular eclectic collection has a number of cars from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and isn’t limited to one genre.  There are muscle cars, old jalopies, and even a few little European runabouts.  Being a euro enthusiast, my eye was drawn particularly to the BMW 2002s (one of which is claimed to be running), and the TR-6, though the Rubber Bumper MGB and Alfa Spyder make a strong case for saving.  Of course, no price is listed, so who knows if any deals can actually be found in this Hoon Heaven.

[Source: Denver Craigslist]


From the ad:

Field of cars (Alamosa)

1-1951 Frazer
2-5 Bus full of BMW Parts

BMW 2002 two cars one with no engine engine runs in the other car.
the Tii has no engine
6-13 Bmw 2002 NOS dashboard

14-16 1957 Ford parts car no eng
17-20 57 Ford 2 dr hdtp 292 eng no title
21-26 1972 or 73 mercedes 4.5 V-8 no title parts car
27-30 49-51 Studebaker 2 ton truck parts only no title
31-36 BMW 2000 no title unknown year
vespas 7 photos no titles
BMW grille parts for 2002 / 2 gas tanks/1 NOS fender
1950 Ford Bread truck hood
Renault 4CU no engine 9 photos
1951 Frazer 19 photos
1957 Nash runs good water pump leaks- 12 photos
1966 Chevelle wagon ( 5 )photos
1957 Dodge power wagon 318 eng turns over has title (8)
1967 Jeepster Comando no title(7)
1968 T bird not sure of year no title for parts (7)
BMW 2002Tii no title no engine (5)
1984 Fiero has title engine does not run(5)
1956 Mercury no tile parts car no title(4)
BMW 2002 rune complete car no title (5)
1940 Studebaker President no tilte (5)
1966 Chevelle Wagon no title may be a 1967 (5)
19?? TR6 no title parts car (5)
1949 Studebaker Champion no rust no title (5 photos)
1949 Or 50 Ford Mild or Bread Truck has title no engine (4)
1976 MGB has extra engine has a title (4)
1955 Nash parts car engine frozen up (4)
1964 Olds 98 no rust no title (6)
1950 Kaiser Virginian new chrome on grille and taillights (3 photos)
1959 Dodge Power wagon 318 engine 4X4 no title (5)
1957 IHC A100 Pick up no rust Titled (4)
1949 Kaiser Virginian engine runs but smokes no title (7)
1953 Nash Rambler no title rusty floor boards complete car (7)
1946 Caddy Superior Hearse no title May already be sold(7)
1955 Nash runs good complete car trans leaks fluid (8)
Alfa Spyder- has a title -runs but needs belt to injector (7)
1955 Nash Le Mans 2 carbs (9) runs seats new upholstery new door panels
have new headliner (9 photos)
1950 Packard needs gas tank no title (9)
!956 IHC engine (1)
1956 IHC 4X4 pickup runs has a title (5)
1950 Nash Ambassador recently rebuilt engine fair paint job



I don’t really understand his formatting, and the numbers seem arbitrarily ascribed, but drilling down to the meat of it, it looks like he has a lot of GREAT cars.  Of course, many of them don’t have titles, but they’d make good racecars, I presume…  How cool would it be to show up at a vintage racing event with a fully prepared Nash Le Mans with a 1957 Dodge Power Wagon tow vehicle?  The answer you’re looking for is “supremely awesome.”

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