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The World’s Worst Car Is For Sale On Craigslist Welcome to Craigslist Crapshoot, our weekly search for the most bizarre, awesome, and/or terrible vehicles that the online classifieds has to offer.  Accidentally putting in the wrong ingredient—say salt instead of sugar—can ruin your recipe. Likewise, checking the wrong engine on the options box can also ruin a car. That’s what we looked for last week: great cars for sale, that are spoilt by having the wrong engine under their hoods. We’ll see who’s most wrong in a sec, but first, let’s see everything that’s right with this week’s quest. I’ve been feeling a bit of wanderlust of late. Maybe it’s having been cooped up all winter, or maybe it’s getting too close to tax time and I just wanna’ get away. Whatever the reason, let’s all see if we can get away and that means campers. The thing of it is, we’ll eventually want to come back home and when we do, we’ll want to garage that camper, so let’s find ones that can do that too! As always, we want your finds to go down in infamy and not in the site’s spam filter. Since we’ve changed commenting systems, you may need to update your commenter account. Make sure you have a Disqus account – they’re free and easy to get – and then comment away.

Got that? Good, now let’s be wrong.

Rod Stewart once sang that if loving you is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. You all found a lot of wrong engines in the right cars last week, and ones like the MR2 weirdly switched to a V6 found by Andrew_theS2kBore and Fiat 500 (real one) powered by a Subaru “air craft” engine uncovered by OA5599 proved to be real head scratchers. Our winner however, of the wrongest engine—and this is on many levels—is this Triumph Spitfire with a Buick V8 located by salguod. That engine probably weighs as much as the rest of the car, and inexplicably has a COBRA aircleaner atop it. Like I said, weird. Congrats to salguod, and thanks to all of you for your contributions. Now, let’s go make me a happy camper. 65' Triumph Spitfire w/ rare 64' 300ci Buick v8 engine swap

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