Craigslist: 1981 Porsche 911 – 959 Tribute/Conversion

When the 959 was introduced it became an instant icon. It was the Porsche to have, and has actually stayed that way, and in the eyes of many there may never better. One of the reasons for it was that the 959 was a Group B rally car before it was a street car. It was produced only to meet the FIA homologation rules, like many of other great cars of the time.

Its cost and limited production put of out of reach for most enthusiasts. However, because the 959 is based off the 911, it isn’t exactly impossible to make your own from a 911. And this is where today’s CL find comes in.

[Source: Allentown Craigslist | I found on GooglePlus, but I couldn’t find it again to give proper credit, sorry]

From the ad:

1981 Porsche 930, 3.3l Turbo, 4 spd, Only 200 959’s were built from 1986-1988 and were the world’s fastest car of the time with a top speed of 201mph. This incredible rust free Texas 930 was transformed into a 959 Tribute car with extensive attention to detail, including body work, headlamps and lighting all around, 3 tone grey and black interior, stalk mirrors, even relocating the intercooler to the lower cooling vents in the rear from on top of motor just like the original 959. Over $20k in receipts for recent 3.3l engine rebuild. Over $50k invested to make this car indiscernable from a real 959!!! Only 45k miles on this eye catching collectors piece. You may even fool yourself into thinking you are driving the real thing as passersby give you thumbs up and stop you on the road to ask questions. A great driver and phenomenal recreation of one of Porsche’s most iconic supercars. Asking only $28,000 or best offer.


Internally we agreed that “it’s not bad”… What do you guys think of it? Of the conversion and of the price too. Buy it and drive or buy a regular 911 and keep it real?

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