Craigslist: 1966 Renault Dauphine for $800

How can you say no to this!? Sure, the ad states that it needs to have the water-pump replaced and a new battery installed, but those cheap and easy, and the seller is even throwing in the water-pump! Yea, that seats need to be reupholstered and there is some rust, but the rust is a standard feature on all of these. 

[Source: Jacksonville, NC Craigslist|Thanks for the tip Dan!]

What other rear-engined car can you find for $800? What 0ther French car can you find for $800? If you’re near Jacksonville, NC, check it out. At the very least you can buy it, sell off the unnecessary parts, and have a killer LeMons car. If you show up to tech with this they’ll give a ten-lap head start!

That’s the only interior picture you get. Assume the worst. Also, note the last sentence of the ad:

“I think the coolest part is the engine is where the trunk usually is and the trunk is up front lol”

C’mon, how bad can it really be?

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