Confession Time: Show Us Your Toys

Surely some of you must have better photography skills than myself.
Yes, we’re all grown-ups here. Well, most of us are, anyhow. But many of us still indulge ourselves in some rather childish hobbies. I am no exception, and judging by the eruption of photos I have seen on my Facebook page recently, I am certainly not alone in that. I am gradually creating a little shrine to my favourite vehicles on my mantlepiece — although I’m now pretty much out of room, so it’s time for my shrine to get moved to various display locations around my home. I suspect we have a fair number of like-minded individuals around the Hooniverse; how have you managed to display your favourite replicas? Are you a purist, insisting that they must remain in their packaging? Or are you like myself, and require that tactile feedback to really appreciate the quality of the re-creation? Are you older than thirty years old, and still occasionally find yourself making engine noises with your mouth as you push those tiny vehicles around on your tabletop? It’s confession time, so open up and admit it. We won’t judge you, we promise.

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