Coming Soon To A Hooniverse Near You!

Fluffy and Rusty! Two great tastes that taste great together!

Loyal fan, supporter, and all-around sweetheart iheartstiggie has been working on a top-secret project for Hooniverse. I am now able to reveal this photo, which was smuggled out at great risk and expense. Many loyal Rebel operatives lost their lives in attempting to secure these plans for us… and…

Sorry, I think I’ve watched too much Clone Wars lately. Anyhow, stay hooned, because, while I have no idea what she’s planned for us, the fact that she’s managed to get the same rusted-chrome-patina colouring as our banner up top is enough for me to think I’m personally going to want one.
[EDIT: See iheartstiggie‘s other stuff at her website: ]

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33 responses to “Coming Soon To A Hooniverse Near You!”

  1. faster,Tobias! Avatar

    That will keep your knob warm in that nasty Edmonton winter, hey, Dearthair?

  2. Brian Avatar

    She’s knitting us toaster cozies?

    1. Alf Avatar

      shift knob cover

      1. Deartháir Avatar

        Well, I do think it’s a knob cover…

        1. Alf Avatar


        2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

          It’s a mitten for your knob! Always wanted one of those…

    2. iheartstiggie Avatar

      Naw, tea cozies…they’re more fun. And less apt to go up in flames.

  3. faster,Tobias! Avatar

    Actually, I need one of those. That big glob of metal that my MINI has for a shift knob is positively painful at -30C.

    1. iheartstiggie Avatar

      Where the heck do you live? The Aleutian Islands?

      1. Deartháir Avatar

        We call -30C a heatwave!

  4. lilwillie Avatar

    Skull warmer I hope

  5. Jo Schmo Avatar
    Jo Schmo

    It’s a car cover!!!

    1. iheartstiggie Avatar

      For your Maisto, sure!

  6. Formerlythegreatestdriver Avatar

    It’s a beanie hat!

  7. CptSevere Avatar

    Helmet liner for the LeMons team?

    1. iheartstiggie Avatar

      I like that idea… hmmmmm

  8. bzr Avatar

    Is it a slanket?

    1. iheartstiggie Avatar

      Oh my Jaysis. If I tried to crochet a slanket you’d have to pay me twelve grand and you’d get it sometime around the second coming. 😛

  9. Deartháir Avatar

    Haha! Hooque it is! You have just officially named them.

  10. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Crocheted Snuggie!

  11. superbadd75 haz not mastered teh interwebz. Avatar
    superbadd75 haz not mastered teh interwebz.

    Beanbag hackey sacks?

  12. superbadd75 haz not mastered teh interwebz. Avatar
    superbadd75 haz not mastered teh interwebz.

    No, wait! Vintage ’70s couch cushions!

  13. iheartstiggie Avatar

    Wait for it, wait for it…….

  14. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

    Tiny, tiny rug.

    1. iheartstiggie Avatar

      You mean like this?

      1. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

        Fuzzy yarmulke?

      2. FuzzyPlushroom Avatar

        I’ve posted “adorable furry yarmulke” three damn times now. Take it, WordPress, you fuck.

  15. Blueplate Avatar

    Number_Six, you win.

  16. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    Maybe she’ll crochet us winter woolies like these in Hooniverse colors(make mine X-Long, plz).

  17. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    Ooops… JPEG images only… Winter Woolies like these:

    1. iheartstiggie Avatar


  18. PFG Avatar

    She knits, and she loves cars? iheartstiggie is the personification of the center of the Venn diagram formed by me and Mrs. PFG!

  19. Impalamino Avatar

    Monocle shammy.