Comet Cyclone: Scariest Meteorological Event Imaginable or Sweet Mini-Muscle Find?

mercury comet cyclone for saleSeriously, a swirling storm of large balls of ice and rock would be pretty scary. Luckily, this here ’65 Mercury is only frightening if we’re talking about stock handling or braking. For those unaware, the Comet was Mercury’s Falcon platform-mate from a time when the brands’ offerings differed by more than grills and badges. Compared to the contemporary Falcon, the Comet’s stretched in both length and wheelbase, but shares all the same engineering. Today’s example represents an awesome purchase proposition. At a little over $2500, you get a running, driving blank slate to either restore (a numbers-matching Comet Cyclone is a rare beast) or build out to some kind of vintage-tourer spec. We recommend thinking of the 18″ ’08 Mustang wheels in terms of the cash you can sell them for to purchase a set of 14″ Torq Thrusts, the wheels God intended this ride to have. Speaking from experience, that 4-speed is a decent unit, but some added shifter precision might be in order if you’re really planning on flogging it. Luckily, sharing a platform with the Falcon means you’ve got 75% of the early Mustang parts bin at your disposal, too. mercury comet cyclone for sale Check it out on eBay Motors, with only a few hours to go on the auction!

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