Clean one-owner: 2001 Jaguar Daimler Majestic V8 LWB

Clean one owner.  Only 14,000 miles.  Meticulously maintained.  Previously owned by the Queen of England.  No, really… That’s right folks, you can go buy this car and proudly proclaim yourself to be the new Queen!  Wait, what?

This beautiful car was delivered to her Majesty the Queen in June 2001. The car was specifically built for the Queen as her own private car and was used by her for 3 years. Delivered by Jaguar with 2,000 test miles the Queen used the car to travel to and from Buckinham Palace and Windsor Castle, to visit friends and travel around the Royal Estate in Windsor.  She also used the car to attend church every Sunday and the car was also used to attend local and less high profile engagements.  A total of a further 12,000 miles was added by the Queen in the 3 years.  The car has since been in secure storage at the Jaguar factory since 05 however always serviced and maintained to perfection.  The car is totally unique and was built for the queen and has many interesting extras and options which include, a redesigned armrest to accomodate the Queens handbag, a hidden panel of security lighting to include blue flashing strobe lamps to the foglamps, alternate flashing rear and main headlight flashers as well as convoy lights fitted behind the rear view mirror.  Special order lambskin rugs, special soft leather and extra and unique window swithches.  A direct link radio to the Home Office and Downing Street has also been fitted to the trunk compartment though non- functional.  Unusually the original registration used by the Queen is still with the car.  This stunning car is in truly immaculate as new condition and has all original paperwork, service book, spare keys and photographs of the Queen driving the car. Naturally the car has every extra plus a few more. A unique and historic opportunity to own the only car ever SPECIFICALLY built for a Queen Of England. Serious enquiries only please.


Price has yet to be announced but this is one of those rare finds guaranteed to appreciate in value.  Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time! Source:

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