Classic Cars International, Antique Auto Museum of Utah: Through the eyes of a 3 year old

While Jeff and Mad_Science were swilling expensive champagne and drooling over beautiful french ladies, the Schmo’s were wandering around a dusty museum warehouse full of awesome old cars.  I was originally going to run this as part 2 of my museum tour but excitement got the better of me.  All of the photos that follow are a special treat as they were all taken by Bubba Schmo.  I can proudly say that my 3-year-old protégé definitely has an eye for cars. I will let the photos speak for themselves.  Apologies for the timestamps, I didn’t know they were on until after the fact and PS is not one of my strong points.  Enjoy!

There were a few creepy manequins scattered throughout the warehouse and he seemed fixated on this one
This one was my favorite of the bunch
This one is so cool! Bonus points to anyone that can guess the car.
And thus concludes your tour from 2 feet off the ground.  Come back for part 2 to see more of the Antique Auto Museum of Utah.

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