Chopped Shorty Baja Bug, Because Backflips on Sand Sound Like Fun

1974 baja bug for sale

After this morning’s light dose of WTF, we’ll throw on a second helping of rear-engined weirdness in the form of this chopped Baja Bug. The weirdest thing about the listing is the seller manages to write a completely sane, regular-sounding description of a vehicle that looks like a movie prop for a little-person villain. Per the seller, the motor and transmission are upgraded/rebuilt and apparently it fires right up. As I type this in the wee hours of Wednesday night, it’s only $821 with no reserve, which is certainly about as much as that drivetrain, suspension and tires are worth for swapping into a Baja that doesn’t require you to sit directly atop the motor.

1974 Chopped Baja Beetle for sale – eBay Motors

1974 baja bug for sale motor1974 baja bug for sale interior

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