Chevy-Swapped Rambler Wagon Resurfaces

1964 Rambler Wagon for saleIf you’ve been around a while, you may recognize this Rambler from a previous post. A year and a half ago, we were torn by the contrast between the obviously large investment put into it and a number of unfortunate design decisions. Most egregious was the Chevy drivetrain swap, followed by the silly wheels and modern stereo.

Some time’s gone by, and it’s up on the Bay of E again. Let’s see what’s changed…

1964 Rambler wagon interior

The steering wheel. It’s a change for the better, but still not really what we were hoping for. Beyond that, it’s identical to the previous state.

We’ve got to assume it’s not the same seller as before, as this listing has far fewer pictures and details. We had to consult our own writeup to get the details, as this time around there’s no mention of the 700R4 or 3.70:1 limited-slip rearend. According to us, it previously carried $20k buy-it-now, meaning it moved for a bit under that. This time around? $11k, suggesting it could go for 10.

1964 Rambler wagon interior


This car has identity issues. On one hand, it’s a Rambler wagon with a subdued color scheme. Even the majority of the interior keeps it mellow with suede benches. Then the digital dash, oversized stereo, steering wheel and oversized wheels screw things up like a bad tattoo on an otherwise cute girl. This car can’t decide if it wants to be a subtle sleeper or an audacious car show special.

In my opinion, this looks like the caliber car you could daily drive (pending an in-person inspection). Tack on two grand for some new wheels, a proper steering wheel and to hide the stereo, and you could do a hell of a lot worse for the price. 

1964 AMC Rambler Wagon – eBay Motors  Auction ends today! 

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