Cars & Coffee Montrose Mega Gallery

Okay, I’m a day late and a dollar short with this collection, but I think you’ll find the gallery worth the wait. On Monday’s Last Call we had a shot of a passing mirror, teasing a car that showed up last Saturday to the weekly Cars & Coffee impromptu meeting of classic cars in Montrose Califor-ny-aye. That car, correctly identified as a Crosley by PreetR34, was the cutest car of the day, but it would have been no matter what the competition. Other notable cars representing were a Factory Five GTM200, a healthy representation of Ford Model A, and a pair of righteous ’65 289 Cobras. The breadth of cars was amazing- everything from a DKW two stroke (3=6!) to my friend’s Mercedes CLK DTM in which he clocked 212.5 mph on the Hockenheimring. Check out the sweet patina on the Galaxie 500. That car is powered by a factory 352 V8, and is a daily driver. The two VW buses came together and each had the same “Too Slow? Too Bad” stickers on the back glass. If you’re going to take your own sweet time getting places, you might as well have a sense of humor along the way. You know that the panoply of iron is pants tent-worthy when you walk by a shiny new Audi R8 and don’t even give it a second glance. That’s because just down the row is a 454 Vette droptop sitting close by a Scuderia. Two things that Southern California enjoys are the nice weather and a huge assortment of amazing cars. For those of you buried under two feet of snow, enjoy the gallery, and think of spring. It’ll be top-down weather soon enough. For those of you in LA, the C&C event happens every Saturday morning, starting about 6AM, at the confluence of the 210 and 2 freeways- Verdugo off-ramp from the 2. There’s a Starbucks so you can get some brew, but it’s hard to drink coffee when your jaw keeps dropping at every turn. [nggallery id=49][nggallery id=49]XX

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