Cars & Bids is Now Free for Sellers

The world of internet auction sites is more active than ever. Your options to sell your car used to be fairly limited. There was Ebay and a little site called Bring a Trailer. If you haven’t yelled obscenities at final BaT selling prices you haven’t been paying attention. I was infatuated with 1990s cars since, well, the late 1980s. The cars that I could find all day long for less than $20,000 back in the early 2000s included Acura NSXs, FD RX-7s, MKIV Supras, and a whole lot more.

It was with that mindset that Doug DeMuro started Cars & Bids. If you want to read through a more in-depth run down of Daddy Doug’s latest business venture, check out this recent Decoder interview. The gist is that it’s only for 1980s and newer cars, establishing a niche where values continue to skyrocket.

Well, that shit is free now, at least for sellers!

From Cars & Bids:

Here’s what that means:
Sellers pay no listing fees
Sellers receive 100% of the sale price
Buyers pay just an industry-low 4.5% fee

Our exceptional support will remain exactly the same, and we’ll still work to get each auction live in under a week — much faster than our competitors.

We’re proud of the thousands of enthusiasts we’ve connected over the past 15 months — and we’d be honored to host your car on Cars & Bids, whether it’s your first sale or your 100th!

Cars & Bids

So, even though I happen to agree that auction sites aren’t necessarily the true arbiter of actual value, it’s great to see a great move like this. I wonder if my wife would get pissed if I listed the M4 convertible? Maybe I’ll wait a few years until the F83 is worth a little more.

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6 responses to “Cars & Bids is Now Free for Sellers”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    I got the email, too (why tf did I ever register there?) and was surprised that 4.5% is considered a remarkably low fee. Even for a 10000$ car, that’s a hefty 450$. Am I reading that wrong or should there be ample opportunity for more competition?

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      I bought a car on Ebay motors. It was an actual auction, where high bidder got the car, and the car is a type that would be right at home on Doug’s site.

      The price I paid was the price I bid; there were no buyer fees whatsoever. If I would have had to pay 4.5%, I would have bid 4.5% lower, and the second highest bidder would have been high bid, and the seller probably wouldn’t have made a sale (my final bid was $200 above reserve).

      1. salguod Avatar

        Bring A Trailer is 5%, but caps at $5K, I think. The big in person auctions have buyer and seller percentage fees. I think Barrett Jackson is 5% & 10% or something, with no cap.

  2. Maymar Avatar

    “Cars & Bids” annoys me every time I see it. I have no strong opinions on the site itself, DDM is…fine, but it’s an awful name.

  3. Sofia Avatar

    Thank you

  4. Klaratomiko Avatar

    Looking to sell your car online? Look no further than Cars & Bids! We’re excited to announce that we are now free for sellers. That means you can list your car for sale on our website for free. So why wait? List your car today!