Cars and Croissants: Chatham New Jersey

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When you go to a car meet and see so many Ferraris that they no longer look special, you know are somewhere special. Started by two car collectors near New York in 2009, Cars and Croissants has grown from its 30 car beginings to over 200 during recent events like on Father’s Day. This past weekend about 40 cool and exotic cars showed up but that was more likely caused by it being the first weekend show of the year. Although the meetup seems to focus on super exotics and rare vehicles, it also encourages some more esoteric vehicles to be put on display.

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 Taking place in a small strip mall parking lot at random dates during the summer the show has attracted some very diverse  machines. Among today’s collection were a BMW M1 and 1M, 2 Acura NSXs, several Ferraris,  including an Enzo, a bunch of  Porsches  including a Speedster, 2 Lotuses (Lotii?), and 2 Maseratis…  among many other rare and oddball cars.

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The next two events are scheduled for Saturday, March 17th, and Sunday, April 1st. If you are in the metro New York area or are willing to make the drive, I’d recommend making the trip to a special kind of local car meet.

Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Wayne Moyer

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