Cars and Coffee Montrose, March 20th, 2010

Spring has sprung here in, so it’s time to bring out all the topless, windshield-wiper free rides for an informal car show. CnC Montrose has a different feel than CnC Irvine. Must be something about the air up here. An alternate title might’ve been Henry’s First Car Show The earliest risers get the spots by the entrance. In this case, it’s a cabal of Cobras and a pretty spiffy Vette powered bare-metal bucket. DSC_0054DSC_0053DSC_0056DSC_0311 Tied for my favorite from the show is this early Cobra, still labelled all over with “AC”. From the patina on the paint and wheels, it looks like someone just pulled it out of a barn. DSC_0080DSC_0075DSC_0078DSC_0068 There were a couple of Serious Business drag cars in attendance. Keep in mind, they were all driven here. DSC_0029DSC_0035DSC_0039DSC_0041 One of these things is not like the others… DSC_0083 Struck up a conversation with the owner of this ride (and the Lucky 8 Garage). “It’s just for fun”. Looks like it. That’s some nice throttle linkage porn, right there. DSC_0085DSC_0086DSC_0091 Either someone’s an expert at applying accellerated aging techniques to cars, or this custom Chevy’s been cruising like this for quite a while. Extra points for the four speed. DSC_0107DSC_0104DSC_0105DSC_0113 I hope the owner of this Austin van shouts Tallyho! at every green light. DSC_0097DSC_0101DSC_0102 This teal full size Chevy would’ve been a serious contender back in the day: W-series big-block and a four speed. DSC_0125DSC_0123DSC_0126DSC_0127 The old-school crew was out in force. Flatheads and sparse cabins were de rigueur. The gray one with the Winfield head had me drooling. DSC_0135DSC_0140DSC_0139DSC_0153DSC_0154DSC_0155DSC_0238DSC_0156DSC_0043DSC_0048 Did you know early Land Rovers had aluminum bodies? This one’s sporting no paint and a Ford smallblock. DSC_0158DSC_0157DSC_0161DSC_0162 This Porsche 968 looked a little out of place next to the classic hardware, but there’s no arguing with the super-clean turbo motor. DSC_0166DSC_0165 This aside from being quite handsome, this Jeepster Commando got points for having the coolest non-antique gauges I’ve seen in a while. DSC_0181 DSC_0180 I’m not sure what lake they pulled this Ford out of, but I can verify that it was driven to the show. DSC_0194DSC_0188DSC_0184DSC_0186 A pair of super-clean Zs showed up later in the morning. Who doesn’t love a set of Panasports (or are those Minilites)? DSC_0226DSC_0229DSC_0220DSC_0224 Stuck off in a corner by itself, this SVO awaits a bulk shipment of Armor All for all of its plastic bits. DSC_0239DSC_0242 There was a pair of vintage karts on hand, part of an art exhibit I just made up called “Beauty Through Simplicity”. Note the matching green-metalflake helmet. DSC_0302DSC_0304DSC_0293DSC_0297 Last, but certainly greatest, just as I was on my way out, this rig pulled in. Nothing beats a station wagon tow rig. Nothing. DSC_0254DSC_0277DSC_0274DSC_0259 There’s tons more that I didn’t have time to write up, so check out the rest of the shots in our flickr set.

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