Cars and Coffee Montrose, April 10th, 2010

Cars and Coffee Sprite and Cobras
Woohoo! Hangin' with the cool guys…so happy!

Another week, another great start to the weekend. We’ve been attending CnC Montrose for a while now, but new (old) cars keep showing up. Based on what showed up this week, we imagine it’ll be some time before we’re bored. Hit the jump and let us soften the blow Monday morning dealt you.
This clean-but loved Ford earned points for eschewing the typical smallblock swap for Hemi power. The Torq Thrusts are aged to perfection.
Leave it to the Citroen to have weird stickers.
Yellow was bigger in the 70s than now. Engines, too. We suspect the 428 Cobrajet would stomp all over that ’76 Vette.
Even a lowly Bug looks so much cooler all rallied out.
The Espada needs neither auxiliary lights nor decals to look cool. The_Missus was admiring it, as it’s high on her list of Soccer Mom cars (I suspect she’s trying to kill me, what with the 12 cylinders and 6 carbs). This example was nearly perfect in every way. The interior’s likely better put together now than when it came off the line.
I readily admit to being a Mopar fan, but not a Mopar expert. Which is to say, I had no idea there was no such thing as a Road Runner II until I just googled it and found a Hemmings article on this very car. Read up, be impressed, then come back and finish this post.
VW Buses: the stickers and other kit are at least as attractive as the vehicle.
This yellow Chevy straddles the line between “beater” and “work in progress”. But who are we to judge?
This Boss 302 sports a …unique paint color, but with its four speed and tunnel-port “Clevor” 302, is likely equally fast.
This Star Chief likely contains a notable percentage of all the world’s nickel and chromium in its brightwork.
We now enter the super incredible section of today’s program. In addition to being knock your socks off gorgeous, this MG sports a Judson supercharger. I had to wait a long time to get an even remotely clean shot of it.
Who doesn’t love a gullwing? Seriously, who? You’re outta here.
This Jag C Type was so gorgeous it hurt. Not just the flowing lines, but the cleanliness of construction blew my mind. According to Wikipedia, if this is real it’s worth nearly a million dollars. We did notice the guy driving it was British, sporting a leather jacket and leather driving gloves…so…there’s that.
As always, be sure to check out the rest of the set on our flickr stream.

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14 responses to “Cars and Coffee Montrose, April 10th, 2010”

  1. joshuman Avatar

    Having never heard of Judson or a supercharged MG, I dug a little deeper. Judson an American company based in PA. They sold a lot superchargers that fit on VW, Volvo, Ford Flathead V8, and MG. The superchargers used a vane type design and required a healthy amount of Marvel Mystery Oil to run. Here is more information on a Judson boosted MGA:

  2. lilwillie Avatar

    I've been trying to hit a cars and coffee in our area but can't seem to rouse myself up and moving that early. Damn Brefas Scotch, keeping me from oggling cars.

    1. engineerd Avatar

      Pro Tip: Don't hit the brefass scotch until you're on your way to cars and coffee.

  3. muthalovin Avatar

    Road Runner II is hotness! I did as you directed, and read before finishing. I thought I knew a lot about the muscle car era, but his I was not aware of.
    In Austin, we had the Lonestar Custom Car Show. 85% of the cars had the work-in-progress vibe. The most amazing thing I saw? OH, funny you should ask… There was a 5.0 'Stang in the parking lot with Michigan manufacturer tags.

  4. engineerd Avatar

    Tax Day is Thursday, which means my wife will be released from accounting hell on Friday. I'm thinking I spend the day with her on Friday, get up early on Saturday while she sleeps in and hunt down the rumored cars and coffee event here in the Detroit area, and be back home in time to go look at countertops with Mrs. engineerd. Yes, this plan is foolproof.

  5. Tomsk Avatar

    Pretty sure Jaguar never made any LHD C-types, so I'd bet the one in the pics is a replica. Still cool though.
    Also: That blown MGA is all kinds of sexy.

  6. Black Steelies Avatar

    Cobra-jet versus a 76' Vette, is that even a contest?
    and what, no shots of the gullwing doors in action? hehe that's sweet

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      I missed the guy getting out of the car, and he didn't leave them open.
      I understand, because at most car shows if you leave a door/window open, your car will be full of fliers and crap when you come back. Cars and Coffee's devoid of such annoyances, which is why I'm able to get good dash/interior shots on so many of these.

  7. Manic_King Avatar

    Cuc Phuong National Park seems okay place to visit when in Vietnam (as advertised on sticker in 2CV's window). Have someone imported Vietnamese Citroen to US?

  8. coupeZ600 Avatar

    OMG! I wouldn't park my car within a half-mile of these,.. these,… Things! Even the Chevy "beater/work in progress" is nicer than anything I've ever owned. I was thinking of trying to start a CnC here in Flagstaff so guys that were going to go wrench at their home or shop could share tips or even offer to come over and help. It would suck if cars like these started showing up and you were too embarrassed to go to the event you started. Just kidding, in Flagstaff it would be a Pick-Up Trucks and Coffee that would draw out the vehicles this expensive albeit most of them not nearly as cool.
    Gawd these are beautiful. Nice pics too, Mr. Science. Thanks!

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  10. Kurt Bernard Avatar

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  11. Wally Jaye Avatar

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  12. Alejandro Wiersma Avatar

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