Car Vandalism: You Hurt My Feelings But I'm a Nice Person Edition

No one likes car vandalism. The people who do the vandalism are the shittiest of shitty people, total cowards… and I’m specifically talking to certain two Bruins fans who like to park their shitty white Altima in my reserved spot, throw beer cans from their car, and evidently drive back to their mom’s house in the suburbs drunk. But I digress.

When in comes to the matters of the heart, ladies, I know one thing – you always knew he was going to cheat on you, you just didn’t know when. This girl, whose feelings were evidently hurt, wanted revenge and for it she stoop down to the level of the shittiest. Or did she?

[Thanks for the pics Vinny!]


Let’s see, the girl did not dug her key into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive, she didn’t carve his name into the seats, nor did she take a Louisville slugger to both headlights. She just took some paint and called him a “meanie butt” and he likes too poop (that’s in the back, in case you can’t make it out).  The paint should come off easily and probably won’t live a mark but the the nice girl is probably gone forever.

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