Car Show Crazy: 417 Coffee & Cars is Back (Almost)

It’s almost time for car show season . . .
Since moving to the Queen City last spring, I’ve had the chance to take in a lot of car shows. There’s no shortage of interesting machinery to enjoy in the Ozarks – provided that the weather is right – and no matter what you like, there’s probably a show for it. I have seen them all, and enjoyed them all. However, there’s one event that I come back to every month.

417 Cars & Coffee 2016 promises to be the best yet, and the first event on April 2 already has several hundred cars lined up. Our esteemed colleague longrooffan has attended a few of these, and can back me up on this: the variety of cars, friendliness of the organizers, and laidback nature of the event make it one of the best around. Check out this video of an event from last summer. Which one would you pick? Which car show or event are you looking forward to in your area? Sound off in the comments.
[Source: 417 Cars & Coffee]

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4 responses to “Car Show Crazy: 417 Coffee & Cars is Back (Almost)”

  1. Car_Door Avatar

    I’m looking forward to the Iola car show and swap meet in Central Wisconsin sometime in July. That and the local wednesday night weekly car meet at the A&W. Still a long ways off though…

  2. Lokki Avatar

    Cars and Coffee here in Dallas has been (sort of) spoiled by its own success. The good news is that the last time I went there were well over 500 cars. The bad news is that: there simply isn’t enough room for everyone who wants to show his/her car. My friend, who has a beautiful prize-winning 72 Alfa GTV showed up at 6:30 in the morning and got turned away because the lot was full. He’s stopped attending as have several other Italian car owners from my club. Getting up at 5 a.m. to drive 30 miles and then get turned away reduces the incentive to attend.
    Certainly the friendliness, and ‘open to everyone’ nature of the event is a great thing. Everyone loves the excitement of seeing an amazing assortment of cars. The flip side of that is that it means that 150-200 of the 500 spaces are taken by late model Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers. Snap-decision sorting at the entry gates (regular parking lot for you, sir) caused hurt feelings and complaints of ‘age discrimination’. Clubs like mine tried blocking groups of parking spots with cones, and that caused arguments culminating in a run-over cone. I can’t think of an answer that doesn’t destroy what makes C&C great – spontaneity and variety.

    1. Vairship Avatar

      ” I can’t think of an answer that doesn’t destroy what makes C&C great – spontaneity and variety.”
      A bigger parking lot? Most malls don’t open until 10am, leaving the parking lot wide open at 6am. Surely the coffee slingers in said mall could be persuaded to open earlier (or bring in coffee trucks)?

  3. Guest Avatar

    My big show is History Road, at the Reynolds-Alberta Museum.

    700 cars is huge considering it’s in a relatively small city, and it also gives me the chance to check out the awesome local museum.