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Car news this week is boring again, so what’s your news?

I remember a time when I had to cut stories short or omit some all together because of how much happened in this industry during any given week. It seems those days are all but gone now. For about the twelfth time this year, I honestly have nothing of interest to bring you. So I’m opening up the coveted Friday afternoon time slot to you all, the readers that make this weird little corner of the internet possible. I’m sure even the most mundane thing you did this week is still more exciting than whatever it is I’d have to talk about.

So if you did anything, saw something, fixed something, broke everything, or did anything even remotely newsworthy that you’d like to share with your fellow hoon, sound off in the comments.

Have a good weekend.

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6 responses to “Car news this week is boring again, so what’s your news?”

  1. Greg Kachadurian Avatar
    Greg Kachadurian

    Nothing interesting to report with my own fleet, except that both my cars are yellow now. Such is life in Georgia in spring.

    But… I’ve been talking with Pioneer Ford about their new F-150 Lightning Tribute truck. I should get to drive it in a few weeks. I’m not a video guru like Jeff but I should have something to show for it regardless (probably some ruined pants in there too)

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      Photos > video. Looking forward to your impressions! As a Ford guy, you also bring some long lines to the review.

  2. Aaron Graham Avatar

    Pretty much just spending all my free time trying to keep the site from blowing up ?

  3. Scoutdude Avatar

    Grey Escapes update.

    For the wife’s new one I did some internet sleuthing and found that on at least the Mach-E’s that received the $30 credit for not having the hands free lift gate a dummy model, marked as such is present with the vehicle side harness and the sensors plugged into it. So it sounds like it will be able to be added and turned on with ForScan, once I can get a module.

    For the daughter’s new to her old one the 4×4 module was swapped from their 08 with the blown engine and that eliminated the internal ECU fault code and driving it turned off the wrench light and got rid of the instrument cluster code. So from 27 codes down to zero with the change of one part and a lot of code clearing and module resetting. The only thing left on the needs now list is an oil change and it will be pronounced good to go. Eventually the tires/wheels and a few other things that are in better condition on the now parts car/project will be swapped over. I really hate to send the other to the scrap yard so if I find a good used engine for cheap enough I may resurrect it and put a E-bay 4×4 module in it.

    1. Scoutdude Avatar

      Update #2, oil is changed in the 08 Escape Hybrid. It’s got ~25 or so miles since everything was reset and it is still code and wrench light free. Went to a gravel lot and punched it while watching the clutch duty cycle and the 4×4 works as expected, with the duty cycle popping up to 50% and no wheel spin.

      Driving it certainly reminded me of how far they progressed from that 1st gen Hybrid system to the 3rd gen in my MKZ and the 4th gen in our new Escape.

  4. Sjalabais Avatar

    Nobody wants to work on my Centennial. I send my list around and tell them I have the money, but…nope. After saving another 4k$ on doing another Leaf repair myself, I’m thinking I need to start working on it myself anyway, as my confidence improves. First step is finding a place to do that in. These days, the Centennial has been parked for two years.