Caption This- Prove That You Know Jack

Are you a jack of all trades?
Are you a jack of all trades?

Who knew that warning labels on automotive lifts could be so rewarding? The above is the safety guidelines sticker for a four-point hydraulic lift used to jack up a car. There are several things that could occur, and a number of activities that should be avoided when around the lift, so as to prevent death and dismemberment. Each is described by a little pictogram.
Your job is to pick a number and write a new, preferably hilarious, caption for the pictograms. Bawdiness is rewarded, but being funny is most important. Remember to note the number and make sure to be funny. Winners will get a hearty golf clap and the short-term respect of  the collective hoonetariat.
I’ll prime the pump: #4- This bay- single mechanics only.
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  1. citroen67 Avatar

    #8 – If oil rigs appear under your car…immediately remove the engine!

  2. Alff Avatar

    #9 Long bill caps are for douches.