Can You Tell Why I Like These Coffee Cups?

These Tri coffee or tea cups, made by the Finnish ceramics design company Amfora, are my favorites. Whenever I get the taste for something good and dark-roasted, it’s these cups I most often use. Looking at them, you can probably tell why.

For some aesthetical reason, the designer has opted to use the Reuleaux triangle as the base for the cups’ bottom. Thus, these cups are a good idea for every coffee-drinking car geek that has taken a liking to the rotary-engined Mazdas, as the Reuleaux triangle is quite close to the Wankel rotor’s shape (I’m told the rotors are somewhat flatter-sided). And comparisons between my coffee consumption and the Wankel engine’s thirst for oil and fuel can probably be made, as well as the necessity of sufficient coffee intake for my ability to think even relatively normally in the morning hours.

However, I’d like to pretend the coffee I make tastes just a bit better than engine oil, even if I like it strong and dark.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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