California Wagon Dreamin' – LeMons Part Hauler Edition

1967 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon
That bush ruins all of my pictures
How’d your Saturday go? This week we decided to skip Cars and Coffee this week in favor of More Sleep and Coffee. We needed the extra energy to spend a day reveling in bottom-end Automobilia. You see, for nearly a year I’ve been sitting on a pile of BMW 6-series trim and interior bits. Basically everything you don’t need if you’re going to hit the race track. Its all the kinds of stuff you can sell on eBay for $4.50 each, but totally not worth the time and effort to list, sell, pack and ship. Luckily, we know a guy who does all of that all the time, who was happy to take it all. What to do when you need to haul 15 cubic yards of German Miscellanea? Jump Pickup trucks are nice, but the that bed that’s so useful when hauling stuff is really useless when it comes time to carry more people around.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could carry 4×8 sheets of plywood (or sheetmetal) when you needed and passengers when you didn’t?

1967 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon
It's a good thing it can't stop all that fast anyway
Yes, as a matter of fact it is. Case in point, we used my ’67 Ford Country Sedan to haul our leftover to be traded for mechanical spares from out buddy “Jack” who happens to part out 6-series in his backyard as a hobby. More on him another day. So, the hoonwagon was loaded to the brim (and then some), and sent across town.

1967 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon
He actually had 2 more to give us if we wanted them
Turns out, there are advantages to racing a 3-speed automatic. Like, people will give you spare transmissions. And an engine. And a ton of spare suspension bits. And a bunch of stuff from a car that he’s still in the middle of parting out. It sits a bit lower in back, but still has plenty of suspension travel left.

1967 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon
It rides smooooooooth
Alas, Jeff had to take off as soon as we got back to my place, so now I’ve got a few hundred pounds of engine chillin in the back of my wagon and no way to get it out. The Missus is reading Craigslist ads for engine hoists while I’m typing this, because at 7 months preggers, she sure as hell isn’t helping me heave this thing out.

1967 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon
Metal floor FTW
As a parting shot, I’d like to point out it was in the mid-70s and partly cloudy today.

1967 Ford Country Sedan Station Wagon

A gallery, if you’re interested:

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