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Buying tires on the other side of the world

This is something that I often see in the off-road and overland communities. Paying it forward to help each other. There are numerous examples of off-road racing teams in Dakar or rally teams helping out other competitors. Now we have a story of a couple on an adventure, who have found themselves on the receiving end of a good deed done.

KM and Coen have been on the road since 2003. Their adventure machine is a 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45. This troopy has the 3B naturally aspirated diesel engine. So it’s not shocking then that they refer to themselves as the slowest overlanders in the world. Sometimes they’ll only cover 50 km (31 miles) in a given day. The journey here is about experiencing the world around them. This isn’t simply a test of landmark to landmark navigation.

So far they pair have traveled from the Netherlands to South East Asia. That trip started in 2003 and continued through 2006. After that, they jumped to South America through 2015. In 2016, they moved over to Japan. Currently, KM and Coen are in Turkey after having traveled through some grueling conditions across Kazakhstan and Russia. The truck suffered some tire damage. Cords were showing through and their jack froze to the road surface.

Not ideal.



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Good people to the rescue

KM and Coen were stuck with two options of tire in Almaty, Kazakhstan. A Chinese tire was going to have to be modified to fit their needs and the BFGoodrich KO2 that was outside their budget. One of their followers told them to get a price for the installed tire of their choice. He took care of the bill. Ben (their follower) is also planning a trip in the future and wanted to pay it forward now. They choose the KO2 tires.

We’re fans of the KO2 here as well. I have them on my 1994 Land Cruiser, Kamil runs them on his 4Runner, and Jeff will be putting them on his Montero soon. But more important than the tire, we’re big fans of helping each other out. I’ve had personal experience with this when the stock alternator on my Land Cruiser finally let go at 292,000 miles. My neighbor met me and helped swap in a spare to get my rig back home. This is what it’s about. Working together.

Keep looking out for each other. Pool resources so more of us can enjoy these awesome vehicles. Let’s go further!

Be sure to follow along for more of KM & Coen’s adventures, too.

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    Very generous gesture