Buy this 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 now!

We’re on the brink of a Defender revolution. As Land Rover prepares to debut an all-new model, fans of the legendary four-by-four worry aloud if the replacement will live up to the legacy of its iconic forefathers. And with independent suspension, modern looks, and modern tech, it could very well stray far from its original formula. It’ll be great to be able to walk into a Land Rover dealership and buy a Defender, but it’s unlikely that the new vehicle will be all that similar to what we’ve come to know and love of the Defender nameplate.

Luckily, you can still buy one of the old ones. And if you’re very lucky, you can buy this specific example.

The Defender we have here is a proper do-it-all truck. It’s got the looks to draw eyes and the capability to go anywhere you want it to. Starting with a four-door and enclosed bed configuration, this 110 boasts a 2.5L turbodiesel mated to a 5-speed manual transmission and sends power though a full-time four-wheel-drive transfer case. Then there’s all the aftermarket goodies: snorkel, Warn winch, 3″ lift kit and 33″ mud tires, and long-range off-road lights. It even has a rear disc brake conversion and Bluetooth stereo for all your modern needs. Take that, upcoming Defender.

This seems to be a very well-built truck at what is actually a pretty reasonable price. And as a 1993 model it even makes it in the 25-year import law, so it should be all fine and legal for driving in the ‘States (note: not professional legal advice). Should you want to peruse the listing in further depth or simply bring yourself to drool all over your keyboard you can click over to Expedition Portal to see the seller’s ad.

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3 responses to “Buy this 1993 Land Rover Defender 110 now!”

  1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    I expected it to be more egregiously overpriced.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Why not import LHD Land Rovers if you want high speed tractors in the States?

  3. mdharrell Avatar

    “…it even makes it in the 25-year import law, so it should be all fine and legal for driving in the ‘States (note: not professional legal advice).”

    The 25-year law takes care of Federal concerns but there’s still the matter of what any given state may choose to require. Lookin’ at you, California.

    Also not professional legal advice. I’m a geologist.