Bus Drifting is Child's Play

Tis the season to be sideways . . .
Some of us have been lucky to enjoy a pretty mild winter. On the other hand, some of us buried under snow right now. How do you take advantage of the white stuff? You can build a snowman, sure, but that’s no fun. Drifting? One thing I always do when the snow does come is practice my drifting skills, especially with my 4-wheel drive. Ya dig?
Sitting ahead of the front axle while drifting a 40-foot bus must be a trip.

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  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    The thing that gets me about this film is that they went and made a little sign that read “SKID BUS” just for the purpose. Ol’ RTW42’s time in the spotlight.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    More on-topic, I was always better at “hanging the tail out” in a RWD car in snow. The first time I put Mom’s ’86 4Runner in 4WD (manual locking hubs!) and went around a rotary I swore off 4WD forever. ALL WHEEL SLIP is what they should put on those old beasts. Having all 4 wheels break traction was a very different experience to my usual rear end out, front end hooked experience. That’s the way I was taught to ski, so that’s the way I drove.
    Maybe now with sophisticated traction control, “All Wheel Drive” (even the steering wheel?) is a bit less capricious than the early 4Runner, but in the late ’80s 4WD was something only used at rock crawling speeds, independent suspension be damned.

  3. Cool_Cadillac_Cat Avatar

    I have a 40′ diesel pusher motorcoach.
    I’ve had it in snow I shouldn’t have.
    There ain’t no way I’m attempting this in what is effectively a portable apartment.