Burnout Win: Dahlbäck Audi SportQuattro Shows How It's Done

Okay, this actually doesn’t have a lot to do with a burnout, it’s just generally a video of a very nice SportQuattro showing off, but the clip at the end is a very nice contrast to the epic failure of the Neon earlier. And the soundtrack for this little car is practically music. Nobody would need any kind of stereo with that song thrumming through their skull.
Special thanks to tenbeers for sharing this.

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15 responses to “Burnout Win: Dahlbäck Audi SportQuattro Shows How It's Done”

  1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

    Nothing like smokey donuts to follow up a snack of Jiffy-Pop…

  2. joshuman Avatar

    The jacket at the end really completes the package.

    1. Tim Odell Avatar
      Tim Odell

      My thoughts exactly.

  3. Justin Rajewski Avatar
    Justin Rajewski

    May I contribute my offering to burnout hoonage. And yes that really is my driveway. I hope to someday see them on Google Earth.

    1. Benito Avatar

      I especially like the youtube comment debate that takes place in the comments.

      1. Justin Rajewski Avatar
        Justin Rajewski

        Yeah me too. Those that don't get it never will and those that do don't comment.

    2. tenbeers Avatar


  4. Deartháir Avatar


    1. Nate Avatar

      They may have different taste in clothing in Sweden, but Hans Dahlback is anything but a douche. He's probably one of the most badass car guys in the world and is extra special for his love of VAG cars. If you don't know him, look him up, but he started rebuilding lawn mower engines when he was 11 and now tunes VWs and Audis, from chipped S4s to pre-R32 AWD Golfs with +/- 1000hp out of the Audi 5-Cylinder. This guy IS King Kong, and he's taking the toy he built with his own hands out to play.
      In my eyes, he gets to wear whatever jacket he wants while he does whatever he wants to his cars. He made 'em. If he breaks it, he can make it again.

  5. notford Avatar

    Twin Engine Hyundai. Might be worth a write-up in the future. As memory serves, this guy showed up to a grassroots motorsports street car challenge and made everyone cry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yofZIcTkCiw

  6. jeremy![™] Avatar

    ive had there catalog sitting in my bookshelf for 3 years now. good good stuff.

  7. CptSevere Avatar

    Now, that was just fine by me. Nice way to put on a show, and possibly the best burnout since the Diesel Rat Rod. Extra points for disappearing in the smoke screen. HCOTY contender for sure, when we tally all this Hoonage this coming December.

  8. gunter Avatar

    nauw eez ze teem on shprockets ven vee dahnce

  9. Jose Blint Avatar

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