Burn Baby Burn- Land Rover Fire Truck Will Wet Your Pants

Typically, little boys express their future career hopes in manly advocations such as Astronaut, Football Quarterback– and most often, Fireman.  Roaring Fork Land Rover (how great is that town’s name?) has a Land Rover Firefly, offered up for the fire sale price of only $14,995, that could let you fulfill that last job fantasy.
Including a spotlight powerful enough to locate little old lady’s cats no matter how dense the foliage of the tree, and an aluminum extension ladder to retrieve them, this four-wheel drive firefighter could make those red suspenders you insist on wearing a little less embarrassing.
Want to become the neighborhood hero next summer? Just pull up next to the fire hydrant, hook up the hose, and start blasting the kids with a pressurized stream of cool water. There’s limitless possibilities for fun and heroic deeds of daring do with this Land Rover Firefly, and only the fact that the electrics are Lucas make the chances of you actually reaching a burning building in time to save it some what questionable.
Source:[Roaring Fork Land Rover]

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