Bunker VS Clunker: Magic in the Mohawk Valley

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Bunker VS Clunker, where we here at Hooniverse locate some real estate for sale, and pit it against a vehicle on offer in the same neighborhood, and in the same price bracket.  It’s for you, the reader to ponder which one you’d brake off that American dollar on.
Today we are kicking it off in the rust belt of New York State, northwest of Albany, in the city and surrounding neighborhoods of Utica.  Plagued by political corruption and organized crime during the 20th century, Utica has been dubbed “The city that God forgot”.  Due to industrial decline, the socioeconomic stress makes this a perfect spot to find some real estate with the market value of a used Datsun.  Today’s head to head features a one bedroom, lakefront camp versus a 1966 Ford Mustang with braying pony art.  Both come in under $10k, and both have some real magic going for them.
First up, Bunker.

This one bedroom, half bath, lakefront camp cottage, offers a fully furnished interior with press board walls and tube TV/VHS entertainment center.  Pioneer era furnishings, woven lampshades, and toilet tank cover keep this a warm and welcoming abode to return to after a long day out snowmobiling, ice fishing or visiting neighbors on Devils Lane.  As an added bonus, this home away from home, has had another home mashed into it.  It seems a mid century travel trailer has grandfathered it’s way into the architecture of the left side of the cabin.  With a couple yearlings growing behind it, my guess is it’s a good chance you can consider it an addition.
and it’s contender, the Clunker.
1966 Ford Mustang
1966 Ford Mustang offers dazzling pony art on both doors, braying at the glowing, full moon along the ocean’s edge on the passenger’s side.  The drivers door displays the team playfully prancing after the head of the pack, as the sun sets over the water. Mechanically offered as a low mile, “on road” vehicle, it sports good looking mag wheels and has been driven sometime last year.  This FOMOCO classic hides some intrigue though, noticeable from the bagel chip sized paint missing from the rear deck, and fault-line sized crack along the top passenger fender.   V8 engine and auto trans means you’ll for surely be kickin’ up some stones when your leaving your dirt driveway, but don’t hammer down too hard as your leaf springs have gotten lazy over the years.
So, let us know where you stand.   Would you come home with a deed, or a steed ?

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12 responses to “Bunker VS Clunker: Magic in the Mohawk Valley”

  1. roguetoaster Avatar

    Easy choice, cottage-thing on a lake, near enough to Watkins Glen. Add a parking/wrenching pad and enjoy a summer of racing/hiking/biking/water activities.

  2. Papa Van Twee Avatar
    Papa Van Twee

    transmission: automatic
    I’ll take the camp, at least is has a manual… as in lots of manual labor in upkeep.

  3. spotarama Avatar

    both scream hillbilly redneck but the shack has the added attraction of “serial killer chic

  4. stigshift Avatar

    The camp has less rust. And will probably run longer. And certainly has better artwork…

  5. gerberbaby Avatar

    Gotta go with the shack. the only money/work I put into it is to keep it from leaking/rotting/falling down or becoming a critter motel. Anything more is throwing good money after bad. Or better yet, tear down the shack and just use the trailer and build a nice workshop nearby. I’m certainly not going to try to heat that mess.

  6. engineerd Avatar

    I was on the fence until I got to the last photo of the camp. It’s a picture of a picture on a laptop. Seriously. That kind of salesmanship is rare these days. I’m all in for the camp.
    Now to keep from looking like a total serial killer…

    1. Alcology Avatar

      Grow a mustache. A stache says, “I’ll still kidnap you to my death camp, but I’ll keep you alive long enough that there is the possibility that help may arrive. It won’t. But it gives you hope.”

    2. ninjabortion Avatar

      Dad screen shots are on the rise. People love taking pictures of screens and posting them up.

  7. njhoon Avatar

    I gotta go with the mustang. I can fix it….
    The cabin is just full of Nope even though I love the area. No mention of how much land, probably not accessible or usable in winter, you can see other people (in that area that’s a non starter).

    1. Vairship Avatar

      Plus it looks as though that lake is ready to overflow and flood the cabin.

  8. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    I like the camp more than the car, but I can relocate the Mustang. The camp will always be in Utica.

  9. Enrique Lopez Avatar
    Enrique Lopez

    Braying ponies? Braying at the everloving MOON? I’ll take 2 and drive by that property