Bristol Palin, Your Car Is Ready

The answer to a question you've probably never asked.
Perfect for chasing down meese, this vehicle was tracked down by our beloved bzr. Honestly, we’re not entirely sure what it was that he was searching for when he stumbled upon this, but however it happened, we’re glad he found it. This little beast was archived over at NovaResource, from an eBay listing back in 2005. It features a 400cid smallblock, and three one-ton rear axles. The seller, at the time, claimed that it handled very well in the snow, and he had managed to get it up to speeds of 45 mph in 10 feet of snow. Now, I would personally think that those huge metal skis would be a bit heavy for snow like that, but then again, it does appear that the engine is mid-mounted, so maybe not. And for the record, I don’t even know what a Bristol Palin is, but I hear it likes meese, so I figured we’d continue with the theme from last night’s Last Call.

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