Breaking!! The Nürburgring Fires Its Management Company!!

Apparently things over at the Green Hell are worse than it seems. Let’s check in with our field reporter, Frank Bacon:

[Anchorman voice]

Reports indicate that that the state-owned racetrack has fired the private management firm responsible for… the management of the track. The unnamed company has turned the place into an amusement park for adults, but without the prerequisite casinos and strippers. Without such income generating facilities the ‘Ring cannot sustain itself on its “toll money” alone and is in danger of going bankrupt.

Further reports indicate that the State will manage the historic track for the time being. Funds for its upkeep will come from taxes, until they realize that casinos and strippers is the way to go. That or renaming after the car company willing to pay the most amount of money to have the track named after them. GM, I am looking in your direction.

This is Frank Bacon, for Hooniverse dot com.

[/Anchorman voice]

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