Breaking News: Robert Kubica Can't Catch A Break!

The man who once did the unthinkable and went from Poland to Pole Position, has fallen from the precipice of motor racing.  Having marked himself indefinitely as a Grand Prix winner, in itself a rarity, Kubica was well on his way to becoming a legend among racing drivers before he was injured quite seriously in a rally car crash during the 2010/2011 offseason.  After nearly a year of surgery and recuperation, Kubica was nearly fighting fit, and was searching for an empty seat for the 2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix season.  Unfortunately, an accident earlier today has Mr. Kubica sidelined for an as yet undetermined additional period of time.

From Autosport:

Robert Kubica has injured his leg in a fall near his home, with sources close to the Polish driver suggesting that he has reopened a fracture that he sustained in his rally accident last year. It is understood that Kubica fell over on ice in Pietrasanta, where he lives, and subsequently complained of pain in the right leg which was broken in his crash. He was driven to the local hospital for checks. Although there has been no official statement, it is understood that it has been found that Kubica has reopened the fracture in his right tibia. Sources suggested that the injury is likely to delay his recovery by at least three weeks.

The guy that survived this massive crash at Montreal in 2007 without a scratch, has now had two bone breaking accidents in as many years.
As someone who was, until recently in talks with the great Scuderia Ferrari for a seat in 2013, and at the very least, a test drive, this is truly sad indeed. I had said it when he was injured the first time, that “that is the end of Kubica’s chances in Formula 1”, and I was preparing to dine on crow this season if he were to show up in a car.  Unfortunately, I find myself thinking and saying nearly the same thing now that he is being forced to reenter the healing phase. Let’s hope that Formula 1’s loss is a gain for the world of Sportscars.  Hey Robert, I hear Porsche is heading back to Le Mans in 2014, perhaps you can add Le Mans winner to your repertoire! I don’t have much experience with Robert as a driver, but I can share this anecdote as a way to lighten an otherwise dark bit of news. In 2007, I attended my first Formula 1 Grand Prix, the last one in the United States, as a matter of fact.  The US Grand Prix at Indianapolis came only one week after Kubica’s horrifically stunning, yet ultimately harmless, wreck in Montreal.  My girlfriend and I both attended the race for the complete three days of the weekend, camping in the large grassy area across the street from the circuit with several other fans.  Among those fans were an extremely large group of Polish nutjobs that all piled up in a circa 2000 Volkswagen Eurovan.  There must have been 15 of them in that van. These crazy fans had obviously come to view the wonder that was Robert’s driving (I was clued in by their constant 24 hour days of shouting chants of Ku-Bee-TSaa and waving massive Polish flags), and had clearly purchased plane tickets and race passes weeks in advance.  While their favorite racing driver wasn’t even participating in the event (having ceded his car to young up and comer Mr. Sebastian Vettel due to fears of concussion), they were just as enthusiastic. One more point before I leave the winding path of memory lane;  These crazy fans ended the weekends camping by tossing the remainders of their fireworks into their gigantic fire pit.  I suppose their vodka addled brains saw this as a phenomenal idea.  The resulting explosion could be seen from space, of that I am sure. For a different perspective, check out what has to say about the matter.

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