BMW Spy Shots! 2019 3-series and Z4

In the olden days there was a standard procedure: redo the 7-series, then redo the 5-series, then redo the 3-series, and then start the procedure all over again. But the BMW world is more complex today. There is the 2-series and the 4-series. Parts of the world have the 1-series. 6-series is dead but the 8-series is making a comeback. Then there is the X1, X3, X4, X5, X6, and soon, X2 and X7. I’d bet good money that some day we will see an X8. And let us not forget the cute i3 and the great looking i8. 
Despite the many models, some basic things don’t change. Two years ago the new 7-series came on the market. That was followed by the 5-series a year ago. And soon we will see the new 3-series. If the new 3-series is anything like the 7-series and 5-series, expect classic BMW greatness and a significant update and redesign over what we have seen in the last two, rather bland, generations. Spied here, along with the 3-series on which it is, or at least used to be based, is the Z4 sports car. 

This caravan of BMWs was spied in the U.K. by the son of our secret Colorado-based spy photographer of rather insignificant vehicles, Spy Junior who still hasn’t learned not to keep his finger over the lens. We have seen caravans of various camouflaged BMW models before, so this is nothing new. Usually in such caravans BMWs of other classes are also around, probably to haul gear and/or spare parts, or are used as baseline comparison vehicles. 
Expect the new 3-series to adopt the look of the 5- and 7-series – three sausages-in-different-lengths philosophy still applies to the core models. I guess it applies to the X models as well, with the so-called even-numbered coupes thrown in-between. Interiors are also likely to resemble the bigger models but with fewer so-called luxury features, at least here in the US. In Europe BMW still offers entry-level cars with interiors that make a Mitsubishi Mirage seem opulent. 

Expect a plethora of powerplants in the 3-series. Engines will vary from a measly 3-cylinder to a powerful in-line six. BMW makes no secrets about adding electric power across the line, so expect hybrid and/or plug-in options, too. If things will follow any kind of pattern there will be diesel versions, too. But Europe is beginning to hate diesels now and Volkswagen offended so many people that diesel’s reputation may forever be tarnished, again. Who knows. 

Little can be said of the 2-passenger roadster. I’m glad to see a return to smaller and lighter soft-top roof. A good bet is that it will also have engines of three, four, and six cylinder count. Despite it’s small size and sporty ambitions, don’t discount the availability of a 3-cylinder turbo engine with an i3/i8-like electric configuration. Perhaps the reason for a switch to the canvas roof is that it makes more space for the batteries. 

It goes without saying that the 3-series will also come in a wagon version and possibly an ugly hatchback version, too. 4-series will follow with a coupe and a convertible, and perhaps a better looking hatchback. Then will come the M models of the 3/4-series sedan, coupe, convertible, and the Z4. If history repeats itself as if often does, I’d love to see a shoe-like Z4 coupe.  
All images copyright Hooniverse 2017, son of our secret Colorado-based spy photographer of rather insignificant vehicles, Spy Junior.

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5 responses to “BMW Spy Shots! 2019 3-series and Z4”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    Where’s the promise of the shark nose and more forward cabin of the Z4 concept? This looks like more of the same.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      Or is it just covered in cladding?

      1. Kamil K Avatar

        Well, it’s camo’d for this very reason…

        1. Zentropy Avatar

          I hope. The concept is impressive, with its stylistic nod to the E9 and E24.

          1. Vairship Avatar

            Well, it DOES have a grille that protrudes beyond the bumper (thus requiring a brand new $$$$ hood in even a tiny parking nudge), and the stretched Corvette-like headlights. But the rest indeed appears toned -down from the concept. As usual.