BMW Motorsport: BMW M635CSi E24

BMW M635CSi. Accompanied by an M535i.
As I’m constantly running into things to fix with my Mitsubishi, I’ve now visited the local Mitsubishi garage numerous times. Of course, it might all be a ruse to make it possible for me to ogle at these two absolutely perfect M-series BMW:s. The garage is also a BMW specialist, and the M classics have been stored there for the bad-weather months, only seeing use when it’s actually nice outside. In these two posts, I’ll show the beautiful Beamers in detail. Here’s the red M635CSi. Ever stared into the lifeless eyes of a shark? The BMW M635 CSi was the top-of-the line model of the 6-series. The E24 6 had moved from being E12 5-series -related to the E28 platform in 1982, and the following year the 6-series had the full M treatment with a 3.5-litre M88 engine brought in from the venerable M1 supercar. Power output was an admirable 282 hp. The car was called the M6 in the States, and bore rather larger bumpers in place of the European sleekness seen here. This M635 appears to be produced before June ’87, since it does not have the ellipsoidal headlights shared with the E32 7-series. It is a Swedish import, currently still unregistered as far as I know, with 92 000 km on the clock. The car, if it’s unrestored, appears to be in absolutely perfect condition. The wear on even the smallest details is minimal, keeping in mind it’s more than 25 years old. Some of the cars came with Michelin TRX tires and suitable wheels. This car appears to not wear such a setup, but that is understandable. The rubber on the BBS:s is Michelin, however. Inside, there’s white leather. Apart from slight wear on the inside of the outer side bolster of the driver’s seat, it’s in excellent condition. The windows bear original BMW alarm stickers. Hi, I’m a BMW parts number. I’m here right on top of the rear spoiler where people can see me. I assure you, the BMW does not actually sag in the middle. Blame the camera, will you? With the pencil-thin pillars of the classical glasshouse and the ever-hungry sharknose, the E24 BMW:s are amongst the most beautiful-looking cars I know, and this M version is perfection upon perfection. I love that it exists.

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