BMW M135i is the new BMW M Coupe

This is the new BMW M135i. Much like the 1M, it’s not a “true M car”. Personally I don’t know what a true M car is anymore, but that’s a conversation for another time. This is the new 1-series fitted with the well-known 3.0-liter turbo making an underrated 320hp, and is connected to either a proper 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic. The automatic is actually faster. In the future there will be an all-wheel-drive xDrive version.

When BMW launched the M Coupe, essentially a Z3 “shooting brake”, people pretty much hated it. Like a good obscure movie it developed a cult following once it came out on DVD used ones became available. It was pure, unapologetic, and looked like a shoe. My question is, will the M135i develop such cult following? Related, hit the jump to see the front-end.

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UPDATE! I just realized that Jeff wrote pretty much the same article last week. F him. I’m running it anyway. 😛

The third generation Acura Integra, the ’02-’04 Impreza WRX, among others. To me, those were ugly at first, and yet I have owned both of them. I would love me an M Coupe too, the Z3 version please (I did not like the Z4-based interior). And I look at this car and… I cannot image ever buying it, however awesome of a machine it maybe. 

Would you pay $45,000 for it?

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