Black Smoke Racing Team Releases Best of 2011 Compilation

Remember Black Smoke Racing Team, the crafty Finnish drift dastards behind the smokesome super-turbodiesel W123 wagons?
The team just put out a compilation clip today (a day after Wagon Wednesday, handily enough) and it’s seven minutes of offbeat badass drifting set to offbeat badass music.

Make the jump to enjoy the video. It’s worth it, I tell you.

[youtube width=”720″ height=”430″][/youtube]

The video features some excellent hooning skills combined with some respectable machinery. I love how the big-ass Mercedes wagons effortlessly mingle with bespoilered Japanese driftmachines, smoking insanely both inside and out.

And in the end, there’s a hat tip to a local snack grill. As there should be.

[Source: Black Smoke Racing Team | Thanks for the tip, Edvin!]

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