1966 Chevrolet Biscayne

There was a time when I was so broken hearted when “base price” applied to slightly more than a stripped shell. Customers would check box after box of options to get back to something on-par with mid-60s comfort. Bad news if you wanted power steering, AC and a radio, good news if you’re Hooniverse Readers From the Future and checking out this 5-speed equipped big block Biscayne. It’s got a 396, 3 pedals and not a lot else.

1966 Chevrolet Biscayne

“5 speed?!” Poppycock! you say…hey, I’m just repeating what the ad says. In fact, here’s the whole thing in its entirety:

This is a classic example of American Muscle! One off. 2 door post. 396ci big block, featuring a 5 speed Borg Warner trans. 12 bolt rear. Custom dual flowmaster exhaust. American Racing wheels. Front disc brakes. Newer pearl white paint. Very little body work. Southern Calif car!

If it’s really a BW 5-speed, that’d make it a T-5. A T-5 whose days are numbered behind a big block driven in anger. The pictures show a car that’s not perfect, but far from needing much work. Front discs (though still manual) are a nice step up on a fullsize like that.

The 2-door post body style (like my Falcon) was sort of a cool dorkmobile (or is that dorky coolmobile?) back in the day, what with the 2-door hardtops offered on most models. The fastbacks are generally better looking, but this one’s drivetrain makes it the 60s equivalent to chess boxing. You couldn’t reconstruct it for the $11k buy-it-now price and certainly not for the $6100 it’s sitting at as I type this.

1966 Chevrolet Biscayne for sale – eBay Motors

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