bfgoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT

BFGoodrich HD-Terrain T/A KT, the Big Ol’Boy KO2

Tires are one of the most essential components of a vehicle. Proper tires for your vehicle could mean the difference between getting where you want or not. Given the wide range of vehicles available on the market, the ideal tire for specific applications may not exist. BFGoodrich recently found a gap in the tire market and is now patching it up with the HD-Terrain T/A KT.

The HD-Terrain T/A KT is designed with heavy-duty pickup trucks in mind, specifically ¾-ton to 1½-ton tons. The goal is to be an ideal construction site tire. The tread compound is designed to resist chipping and tearing. The sidewall features something called CoreGard technology, which BFGoodrich states that it offers unmatched toughness against splitting.

The tread appears to be inspired by mud-terrain tires but is more suited toward quieter highway rides. BFGoodrich says that the target terrains of these tires are mud and gravel. One can think of the HD-Terrain T/A KT tire as a hybrid of the all-terrain KO2 and mud-terrain KM3, with the added load capacity of a truck tire.

The HD-Terrain T/A KT will come in 16-22-inch wheel sizes (skipping odd-balls 19-inch and 21-inch). Tire heights will vary from a modest 32-inch to a huge 37-inch. In the mix are also several pizza-cutter-type sizes, with 80 or 85 aspect ratios. As the intent suggests, the load rating for these tires is much higher, too. Load ranges vary between E and F, giving the load capacity between 3,000 and 4,200 pounds per tire.

Pro tip: Jeep bros, you probably don’t want to install the 37”x13.5” load F tires on your Dana 35-equipped Wrangler. It’s just a bad idea, even if only driving from a flatbed to the SEMA show floor. Even your Bluetooth driveshafts can’t handle that.

The HD-Terrain T/A KT will be available starting April 1, 2023, in the most popular sizes. Those wanting the biggest of these tires will have to wait a few more months. With the popularity of off-roading and the demands of commercial construction work, we think BFGoodrich found a great niche in the market. If these tires prove to be as good as the KO2, they will be a huge success for the brand.

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