Beverly Hills Car Club's Google Map Tour Revaels Treasures

Beverly Hills car club google tour garage Yesterday, Tim showed some potentially interesting, if slightly overpriced, project candidates from the Beverly Hills Car Club. The BHCC is not exactly a car club, like say the Manhattan Classic Car Club, but rather a Wheel-Dealer-type reseller of classics. What was really interesting in Tim’s post was a link to Google Maps location of BHCC. Zoom in closer and you will see that Google Maps allows almost full access to Beverly Hill Car Club’s warehouse where many interesting cars are stored. In addition to that, Google Maps can take inside of a classic Bentley that is parked out front. I think that is a first inside-the-car-view for Google Maps. Now, let’s explore and see the goodies inside. Beverly Hills car club google tour bentely The Bentley itself is pretty cool, but it isn’t anything we have seen before, after all who around here does not own a 1950s Bentley, right? Go past the front gate, and then inside the warehouse. Google Maps allows you to walk in-between rows of cars. There are Porsches that Bradley would bust a nut over, psychedelic Jaguars, several classic Benzes, and some British junk. But in the midst of all those are a few that really stand out. Two of them, TWO, are Amphicars! When was the last time you saw two Amphicars together not on a show and one of them wasn’t a parts car? Beverly Hills car club google tour amphicar Have a look around there warehouse. I found a few more treasures, one of which I cannot identify.  

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