Best Wallet Ever Is Made From Car Parts

It was seven years ago that I read Jack Baruth’s article about a company that made wallets and guitar straps from used automotive fabrics. I thought that was interesting, certainly appropriate for a car enthusiast, and I was in need of a new wallet. I did not know what to expect but I asked my wife for one for my birthday.
My red Couch wallet was made out of real, old, reconditioned, MB-Tex. It was cool and made me instantly miss my ’83 300SD. Other than that, there was nothing really special about it. It was simply a well-designed wallet with four envelope slots for credit cards and a divided cash compartment. It locked with a quality easy-to-use snap. That’s what it was; a good wallet.
But sometimes the most obvious things are not noticed right away…

Five years into using this wallet it finally dawned on me – this thing hasn’t worn. It hasn’t worn at all in five years of daily use. Five years of being taken into and out of pants pocket a dozen times a day. Five years of holding IDs, credit cards, access cards, and cash. Five years of ski trips, summer hikes, and global flights. I went through four phones and three cars in that time period.
I am not sure if it’s the fabric or the quality workmanship that made this wallet last this long. I am guessing it’s a lot of both.
Seven years later, my wife replaced my original red wallet with an identical brown one. There was nothing wrong with my red wallet, I think she just needed a Christmas gift. Color choices are limited to the material that Couch has in stock. Good quality MB-Tex isn’t easy to obtain for anyone. But there is more to it.

Another thing that isn’t easy to obtain is quality customer service. My wife said that she called Couch several times. Because she is a perfectionist, she was asking about colors and features. She also ordered a wallet for her brother-in-law, from his wife. That order had to be cancelled, and then they ordered it again. I don’t know the final outcome of that order. What I do know that each time the person who, I assume, makes these wallets, answers the calls, and runs the whole business, was amazingly cool and friendly.
So, if you’re looking for a cool, high quality, automotive themed wallet, look no more. There is more than just MB-Tex there. There are VW vinyl wallets, GMC truck and Pontiac fabric wallets, and many more. There are belts, camera straps, toiletry bags, and, of course, guitar straps. And everything is handmade in America.

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9 responses to “Best Wallet Ever Is Made From Car Parts”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    I have the brown MB-Tex wallet pretty much identical to yours, and I mostly love it (it works well! it smells like old German car!), but I’ve been let down by the chipping away at the edges (I mean, obviously from consistent use the material was never designed for). On the other hand, after my wife got it for me, we liked it well enough to get a different Couch wallet for her, and that’s held up fantastically, so I may well check out one of their other products in a year or two.

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      Maybe get looser fitting pants? 😀

  2. nanoop Avatar

    So how do you consume four phones in five years? I have the tendency to leave them at vacation spots, three in six years…

    1. Kamil K Avatar

      One drowned and two succumbed to gravity. Currently on number four, which is alive and kicking.

      1. nanoop Avatar

        Oh right, gravity cracked, although subtly, the one I’m typing on right now.

  3. salguod Avatar

    Neat product.
    Reminds me of the woman who was making handbags out of old auto upholstery fabrics, like this Camaro seat purse.

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Everyone knows it’s spelt Camero

      1. nanoop Avatar

        Just a question of time until the lawyers from Chevrolay will take them down.

  4. HuntRhymesWith Avatar

    Can’t say enough good things about the Red MB Tex one I had. It was a great conversation piece.
    One thing I didn’t like was that the button was wearing away a small spot on all of my rear pants pockets. I’d buy another in a heartbeat if there was an option without the button.