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Best use of a rental car? Someone turned a Hertz Camaro ZL1 into a time attack car

Hertz was hit hard this year by the pandemic as they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy over the summer. In an attempt to raise some cash, Hertz held a huge auction to try and offload as many of their now unused cars as possible. Among those were some special edition Hertz-Hendrick Motorsports Camaro ZL1s. Just 24 cars were made and their party trick was a Callaway supercharger which results in 750 horsepower. Most of these cars likely headed to the collection of someone who swears it’ll be worth something someday, just you wait.

But one of those Camaros ended up in the hands of someone with an idea so good that I’m mad I didn’t think of it before. This former rental car has been turned into a race car and ran at a recent Global Time Attack at Buttonwillow. This comes to us from APEX Race Parts who built the beautiful ARC-8 racing wheels this car sits on. (Editor’s note: please, APEX, make the ARC-8 in a Mustang fitment!)

APEX will have more photos on their Facebook page. But I’ve already seen enough to know that this is absolutely brilliant. Rental cars are beat to hell, especially the ones that are high-powered like this one. That makes them perfect for a track toy or a time attack competition car because you could absolutely beat on it guilt free. No need to worry about getting scratches or chips on track – it’s been run through the cheapest airport car wash hundreds of times. Who cares if you need to chop up the interior to fit a roll cage or other equipment – it’s had every flavor of Coke spilled in it already. And if it can survive multiple redline burnouts done on a cold engine and 87 octane, it can survive a 15-minute time attack session.

Whoever owns this has done it right. I salute you.

[Source: APEX Race Parts]

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5 responses to “Best use of a rental car? Someone turned a Hertz Camaro ZL1 into a time attack car”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    Isn’t every rental an unofficial time attack car?

    1. Sjalabais Avatar

      Time attack between every single traffic light. And especially on the rental lot, where underpaid students and recent immigrants squeeze every drop of fun out of those 1.0 Polos you get in Europe.

    2. Zentropy Avatar

      Amen. And the cheaper the rental, the harder we drive them.

    3. fede Avatar

      the only two times I was on a rental car (chevrolet prisma in argentina, chrysler pacifica in usa) I was so afraid of having to pay extra for any possible damage, that I treated them better than if I owned them

      1. crank_case Avatar

        On the employers tab + Autobahn = Land Speed record attempt